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18 + Dil Fek Aashiq Hindi Hot Sexy Full Movie Free Download.Dil Fek Aashiq Move Review: Thakur Ranvir Singh Chaudhary (Anupam Kher) may be a made an important man in his city. He doted on his sole sister Radha, however ne’er forgave her for marrying a have-not. once Radha’s death, the responsibility of taking care of the kids, Vijay (Salman Khan), Bittu and Gudiya falls on his shoulders. Soniya (Madhuri Dixit) may be a lassie urgently trying to find employment to support her sick mother.

She decides to masquerade as associate degree aged girl Savitri Devi (Madhuri Dixit) to urge the task of a teacher for Bittu and Gudiya. She additionally starts operating as a dance pedagogue to earn more money. Vijay teaches at an equivalent college and also the 2 fall dotty.

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Meanwhile, Thakur, a confirmed bachelor, is additionally drawn towards Savitri Devi. His friend Naseeb Kumar (Kader Khan) helps him in his efforts to win Savitri Devi’s warmheartedness.

18 + Dil Fek Aashiq Full Movie HD Download

Pratap Singh may be a dishonest businessman whose works was stopped working by Thakur. He tries to force Thakur into language the papers that may modify him to open his works. He finds out regarding Sonia’s secret and tries to blackmail her to urge Thakur’s signature. His move fails and Sonia tells Vijay and Naseeb Kumar everything.

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Pratap then makes associate degree anonymous telephony to Thakur and tells him regarding Sonia’s secret and the way Vijay and Kumar area unit in thereon.

18 + Dil Fek Aashiq Full Movie Free Download

Thakur finds the papers that Pratap gave Sonia in Savitri Devi’s cabinet and believes that they were all making an attempt to trick him. He confronts them and throws them out of his house while not giving them an opportunity to elucidate. Pratap then kidnaps Thakur. But Vijay, Sonia, and Kumar rescue him and area unit reunited within the finish.

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